homestay management



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  • Attendance Management

    Perfect solution to manage multiple students, having easy to maintain, monitor and keep track of student and faculties presence within the institutes on daily and monthly basis.

  • Branch Management

    Allows you to create multiple branch and allocate branch admin for every individual branch. It allow you to generate reports for individual branch or combined reports to get summary of the activities taking place.

  • Course Management

    Institutes are facing problems to organise courses so we are providing facility to add multiple courses and sub courses and allocate course to each branch based on the availability of faculties within the branch of that Institutes.

  • Enquiry Management

    Enquiry is one of the best source to search what we want, so we are providing enquiry management , so that enquired students can be follow up as per their allocated time.

  • Expenditure Management

    Easy to add all the expenditures involved in each branch with the cost involved in that expenditure and offer easy and hassle free tracking of expenditures of every individual branch.

  • Faculty Management

    Faculty management is necessary so as to keep information of the faculties personal and professional details, so that they can be allocated to the subject they belongs too.

  • Fee Management

    Payment done by the student during admission process in a particular course is managed easily, by sending copy of payment receipt to the student over email.

  • Non-Teaching Staff Management

    Non teaching staff is the backbone of an organization, they are responsible for handling the management activities taking place within the institutes.

  • Report Management

    Report section will give ability to keep track of all the activities which is taking place within every individual branch of an Institute by generating easy to understand reports.

  • Salary Management

    Flexibility in providing salary to the faculty based on the amount allocated for the schedule of that particular course, either schedule wise or month wise.

  • Schedule Management

    As there are multiple courses and number of students take admissions in each courses, so as to provide proper management of each courses to every student's institutes can create schedule or batches for limited students.

  • Student Management

    To manage students information, starting from the admission process, till that student complete course from your institutes having personal details, parents details etc.

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